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The Stylish Blogger Award!

Check it out! I won an award!! Thank you very much to Cleveland Dietz II. You should check out his blog because a/he gave me this award which means he’s lovely and completely insane and b/it made me laugh. So, … Continue reading

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Getting what you want – and why it can really suck

Before Christmas I often thought about how I really didn’t have enough time to write. Going to work felt like a waste of my time. I could have been at home writing with all that time! Not faffing about in … Continue reading

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Measuring productivity

Did you ever have one of those days that you thought wasn’t productive, then when you looked at it objectively you realised that actually it had been? Not hugely so, but not shockingly under par. Actually bang on, if you … Continue reading

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Revealed: Answers to the First Challenge

The Writers Crusade Challenge answers revealed: The secret, albeit not exactly a secret because close family obviously know, was that my mother really did rip my big toenail off when I was a kid. I was standing behind the open … Continue reading

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I aspire to be an aspiring author

You see a lot of it on Twitter, well, certainly the bits where I hang around. I think I currently follow about two hundred or so “aspiring authors”. Why? Probably because I like knowing that there isn’t just one person … Continue reading

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Push yourself to reveal your true potential

On Wednesday of last week my brand new (that day) critique partner, Leona Bushman, suggested we write a chapter a day, five days a week. This was to be our goal so as to make us a/both accountable to ourselves … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

Yesterday I couldn’t think of anything to write about which didn’t relate to a certain ‘crossroads of life’ dilemma that I am currently going through. And I didn’t want to write about that because it would confirm/deny certain things I … Continue reading

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