The Writing Journey…

I just wrote a few hundred words on what I was and was not going to blog about and then deleted it all, sure in the knowledge that it would only convince an even larger portion of the population of my insanity.

The truth is, I want to make a connection. I want to connect to the outside world, particularly all those writers that I have/have not/may never hear of. What motivates you to write? How do you set up your day in order to write, how do you schedule your time? Most importantly, how do you silence the small, and sometimes not so small, voice inside that tells you you are deluding yourself, that you will never be a writer?

Most of all, I want, need, to connect with myself. I write and always have done. I can’t stop, it’s a compulsion. But I frequently run up against the brick wall of my own fearfulness and reel away screaming, clutching my bloody nose. It’s a well built wall and it says, WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? YOU CAN’T WRITE AND YOU WILL CERTAINLY NEVER EARN A LIVING AT IT.

I know that when you run up against this wall, the only remedy is to take a pickaxe to it and plough on through. But I would very much like to know how you got/are getting through the early part of your writing career (and I use the word ‘career’ advisedly – whether you are earning money at it or not, at some point you sat down and decided to really dedicate some time and effort to writing). What got/gets you past the demons? At what point do they shrink from great wailing banshees to mosquitoes you can and do crush with a flick of the wrist?


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6 Responses to The Writing Journey…

  1. Devon says:

    ….and THAT, was good writing. Well said, I saw, and felt it from your point of view, as if it were my own. If that’s just your blog, well, by all means throw down a good story. Keep at it.

    • Oh wow, thank you! The encouragement is much appreciated! I decided I will start to write some short stories to put up on here as well, just to keep training the writing muscles – hope to see you again 🙂

  2. Nice to see you online Anne-Mhairi 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your blog posts.

  3. Now see here! Now see here! New writer and blogger on the loose!! And, my dear, I have no wish to push you away with a stick!! Or anything else for that matter. I hear ya. As you heard me on my blog. We will fight through those insecurities and tear down those walls so completely, that when they try to rebuild, there will be doors and windows so large you’ll drive a Mac truck of Confidence in and not even notice the wall!

    Beta buddies–Bring it ON!!!

    • Hahahahahahaha Lady, you crack me up. Bricks are falling out of that wall already, at least on my side – so when are you going to send me some stuff to beta read? Personally I have almost a full half chapter over here… 😀

  4. Hello new Anne-Mhairi Simpson blog!

    I think I have the same answer as most writers. I write because I have to. If I don’t get these ideas out of my head, it’ll explode, Scanners style. The hardest part is making the best use of my time so I’m writing and building a platform effectively. I learned yesterday on my blog that I’m not alone.

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