Tell Me

I don’t usually write poetry, only really when I am very upset. Wrote this around the time I asked my friends if anyone could lend me a really big fire-breathing dragon for twenty-four hours. Sadly no dragons were available at the time…

Tell me something beautiful,
Something that will make me cry.
Tell me the reason we’re all alive,
Or at least tell me why
You hardly tell me anything at all,
You never speak from the heart.
Instead of telling even one small thing,
You’d rather keep me in the dark.

Tell me where you go at night,
Or where you hide in the day.
Tell me what you see when you look at me,
If that’s why you walk away.
Tell me what makes your heart sing or weep,
Or just something really small.
Because one day I’ll leave and it will be too late
To tell me anything at all.


About Mhairi Simpson

Writer, dreamer. Magic, dragons, pink mice, cake. Come say hi!
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18 Responses to Tell Me

  1. I hope the poem made you less upset. It’s awesome. I gotta ask too, what did you need a dragon for and if you ever find one can I borrow it for a day? =D

    • I wanted to get from the UK to Peru to incinerate my then boyfriend while the anger was fresh. Unfortunately, I think the only dragons I am ever going to find are the ones in my books (oh yeah, we’re dragon-ready), but if I do track one down in this reality, I will drop you a line.

      The poem didn’t make me less upset, but it did allow me to express what was inside. Which basically came down to, how the hell do you expect me to believe you love me when you don’t freakin talk to me for days on end? I don’t think I’m alone in having felt that in a relationship!!

  2. If I ever find a dragon I will send it your way. But until then have you considered an evil cat? Much easier to find and they are sneaky. Would attract less notice than a big dragon.

    I hope you let him have it 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    Dragons are really good for incinerating people.

  4. tanya reimer says:

    Love the poem. My stupid dragon just got eaten by a rock demon. Sorry, they aren’t the brightest (the rock demon, I mean seriously, he has gravel for brains.)

  5. Ellie says:

    It’s sad, and beautiful.
    Relationships are hard, but I hear dragons complicate them even more. Hang in there!

    • 😀 Thank you! The relationship is over, but I still have the poem and the good memories. As a wise man (don’t ask me who, got it from Herbie) once said ‘when you reach the last page, close the book’.

      And I get to write about dragons, so what’s to complain about? 😀

  6. Susan Fields says:

    I’m sorry that you were so upset, but this is a lovely poem. If I had a dragon, I’d send it your way. 🙂

    I’m a fellow Group 8 Crusade member, just popping by to say “hi!”

    • Hi! I think I was by your blog earlier – nice to meet you! Ah, as far as getting upset is concerned, I have discovered that write-what-you-know applies to emotions as well. Now I can write about true heartbreak, which I think is a good thing to know about. Certainly makes you more sympathetic to others going through it.

      I didn’t mean for this post to become such a sob fest, actually. But everyone has been very sweet – thanks for the dragon offer 😀

  7. *HUGS* I know how you feel. I write poetry only when I’m upset too. I hate feeling the way you’ve written in this poem. It is very beautiful. Thanks for joining the crusades, now I get to get to know you better! 😉

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  8. Devon says:

    You know when you read poetry, and you unknowingly start to whisper as you read it, because it’s entering a place of reverence within? AM, this does that. I love it. It’s an accusation upon me, a flashlight of blame peering into the recess of my hidden weakness, the cowardace to speak of my fears with those who love/care for you.

    • Wow. Thank you! That truly is an astounding compliment.

      As I said, I only write poetry when I have some very strong feelings to express and this covered all of it. It still speaks to me of what I felt when I wrote it, so I guess I captured the feelings pretty accurately. It’s great that it speaks to others as well, though.

      Of course, it’s only just occurred to me that it’s gender non-specific, so it doesn’t have to only be from a girl to a guy. It can be from anyone to anyone.

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