Blast from the past

Yesterday I couldn’t think of anything to write about which didn’t relate to a certain ‘crossroads of life’ dilemma that I am currently going through. And I didn’t want to write about that because it would confirm/deny certain things I wrote in my Crusaders Challenge Number 1.

So I thought I would tell a couple of stories from my past instead:

I once galloped a horse into a cow. Not deliberately, for those of you who are wondering. We were galloping along, minding our own business, when we came round a corner to see a very large cow. You know how you notice tiny details at times of great stress? Well I noticed that this cow’s horns weren’t trimmed and that they were very very sharp. I’m observant, me.

The cow was to the side of the track and would have been fine if we hadn’t startled her, admittedly, by appearing round a corner at thirty miles an hour. She lowered her horns and I thought, oh crap crap CRAP. That horn is going to go into the horse’s chest, she’s going to die, I’m going to get thrown off and either trampled or gored to death. We’re both going to die and then my boss is going to bring me back from the dead to explain why I killed his horse and then he’s going to KILL ME AGAIN!

Luckily the cow decided to run for it instead of defending herself and crossed the road in front of us. By which time we were right there and horse connected with cow just behind the cow’s shoulder. The cow went down on its knees, the horse was lifted off her feet but kind of held up by the cow, and I was partially thrown off to the left.

I looked down at a very dry dirt track and I thought, that’s going to HURT. I’m NOT falling on to THAT. So I didn’t. I hung on until the inertia of the impact wore off and I could pull myself back onto the horse. By this time they had also pulled themselves together. The cow scarpered into some bushes and the horse set off galloping again as if nothing had happened.

Another horse-related story occurred when my horse (a different one) bolted during a desert ride. She was wearing a hackamore-type bridle and knew that if she stuck her nose in the air I would have absolutely no control, because the reins were only fastened to the top of the noseband. Her taking off wouldn’t have been so bad but for three things: one, this was a client ride that I was kind of supposed to be in charge of, so there were about six of us, four of whom I was technically responsible for; two, everyone else’s horse was as fresh as mine and decided to follow mine into the wild blue yonder; and three, we were heading straight for the top of a five hundred foot tall sand dune which had a vertical drop on the other side.

Luckily, one of the clients had the presence of mind to steer his horse directly across in front of mine which made us all go round in a huge circle. To the support crew watching us through binoculars from the top of the dune it must have looked very strange. First we were heading straight for them and then suddenly we started going round in circles… Directionally-challenged horses… :S

Ever nearly had a terrible accident? Do tell… 😀


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9 Responses to Blast from the past

  1. evafortuna says:

    Once, when I was around the age of seven, my family was camping. We were enjoying a small boating trip on a medium-sized lake. My little brother and I, being so young, were swimming with life-jackets on that were tethered to the boat with rope. This was a very good idea, except for the fact that I am a miniature person. So after a particularly large wave, I slid right out of my child-sized life jacket. Luckily, I could keep myself afloat somewhat by treading water. Unfortunately, by the time I surfaced, the undertow had dragged me several yards away from the boat. My entire family was madly searching for me. Everything would have been fine, if not for another powerboat speeding by that didn’t notice me. I screamed, my father heard and dove to get me out of the way, the powerboat turned in time and I spent the rest of the trip mildy freaked out in the tent.

  2. Michael says:

    You know, I’ve never ridden a horse and I’m now middle-aged. I think maybe I should cross that off my list someday (especially having read your blog) or I may get too old to really appreciate the experience.

    • If you can afford it, take a week and go to a ranch. They should teach you and can also take you out trail riding. Warning: you will HURT! Riding uses muscles you never knew you had, from your knees right up to your shoulders 🙂 It’s worth it, but be aware that you will suffer. Hot baths and ibuprofen every evening and not being able to get out of bed the next morning type of suffering.

  3. Regina Linton says:

    Very enteresting stories. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. alberta ross says:

    great horse stories – I haven’t ridden for about 20years now but i felt every move there. The cow dined out on the encounter for a long time I bet, all the other’s in the herd talking about her behind her back but still listening to her exploit when she ‘nearly died I tell you’ !!

    I had a sea experience sim to eva when I was about 7. We used to surf with heavy wooden boards (UK 1953 !) we lay on them. Well my first trip out I fell off, of course and was tumbled in the wave. Not knowing up from down and with a mouthful of sea and sand (the insides of waves are remakably full of sand!) I felt a pair of hairy legs and clung like a limpet until Dad came and rescued me. I’m sure the man with hairy legs was thanked I don’t know I was to busy wondering if I was still alive.

  5. LOL, those were great stories. Hmm, my best near accident (meaning I actually avoided the accident) would be the one that took place in a barn loft. I was a teen, hanging out with a bunch of other teens. We were just having fun swinging on a rope swing off of a huge pile of hay. Everyone else had a turn, so I took my clumsy self to the top of the stack with my weak girly arms and jumped.

    I soared out beautifully, but on the return trip my hands slid off and I crashed to the floor. That in itself hurt, but the scary part was I landed on the opening to the bottom floor. One leg was down the hole and one on the floor as I lay flat on my back. Yeah, it could have been bad.

    • Ouch, yes, that could have been really bad. Like the time I came off a horse at a fast canter across a beach and landed squarely in a sand dune. I wasn’t wearing a helmet, so if I had landed on anything hard I would have been history. Funny how those near misses stick in your mind, isn’t it? I read about a guy who wasn’t so lucky. Performed his trademark backflip off a sofa and landed on his head – still in rehab for quadriplegia, although he seems to be recovering, which is amazing and a testament to human endeavour. I’ll have to find the link to his website, actually.

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