The Stylish Blogger Award!

Check it out! I won an award!!

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you very much to Cleveland Dietz II. You should check out his blog because a/he gave me this award which means he’s lovely and completely insane and b/it made me laugh.

So, apparently I have to pass this on to whoever I like and tell you seven things about myself. Ok. Here goes with the seven things.

1/ I won this award two days ago and then forgot about it *shame* *humiliation*

2/ I once stayed up for 42.5 hours to write an end of term essay at university. I then wasn’t tired anymore so I went to the Student Union with my friends for a drink. Then I collapsed. They had to carry me out and find a taxi to take me home. Was not embarrassing in the slightest.

3/ The very first week of Spanish lessons our teacher explained to us that using one verb with ‘hot’ meant we were feeling the heat, and using the other meant we were horny. Eight years (and completely fluency in Spanish) later, I forgot this in a crowded nightclub and had to run to my friend for protection.

4/ In my first year of living in Peru I had sixteen separate infections, some of them at the same time as others. I lost around three stone in twelve months – that’s just over forty pounds in American weight πŸ™‚

5/ I gained it all back when I came back to England due to the availability of junk food and my complete lack of self-discipline. Now I’m going to lose it all again because I’m tired of not being able to wear my pretty size 8 jeans (I think that’s 4 to Americans, but I’m not sure).

6/ I trust everyone until I have a reason not to. It’s not a conscious decision, it’s just how I’m wired.

7/ My family have given up on me as a lost cause but my friends think I’m awesome and invite me to parties. I don’t know what that says about me, just thought I’d throw it in there.

And now, on to the next Stylish Bloggers!!

I decided that I would pass this on to people who I greatly admire. The reasons why I admire them are many and varied, but the admiration is constant.

1/ Andrew Mocete – for restoring my faith in the ‘one and only’ theory of love with his Love Series post re his wife
2/ Kristin Lamb – for just being so damn good at this social media thing. I’m sure I owe the apparent popularity of this blog to her.
3/ Susan Bischoff – for having the balls to go indie and make it work. She sold 10,000 copies of her novel Hush Money via the self-publishing route in six months.
4/ Leona Bushman – for general awesomeness and her unfailing devotion to my ego when commenting on my chapters πŸ™‚
5/ Jody Hedlund – for posting relevant, informative stuff re writing and for being so lovely in general
6/ Skyla Dawn Cameron – for making me laugh

I don’t know if there are any rules about who you should and should not pass the Stylish Blogger Award on to because no limitations were specified and to be honest, I doesn’t care. These are my Stylish Bloggers!

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10 Responses to The Stylish Blogger Award!

  1. Debs says:

    Congratulations on the award, Anne-Mahairi. Well deserved.

  2. I laughed at #2.

    #3, holy crap!

    It’s okay that you forgot. πŸ™‚

  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    Congrats, I love your Spanish story! I had a similar story with my french class in Paris. Our homework was to write a romantic story if I remember correctly and I used a word much ruder than was intended. Teacher was so embarrassed to have to tell me was hilarious. I even fell foul to the same thing with the Romance Writers of NZ. They all wrote romance obviously but I didn’t and it was so funny how different our stories were. Where I thought I gave some build up I apparently didn’t and was asked loads of questions about my time in Paris after that hee hee!

    • Thank you – hahahahaha Amazing what can go wrong with languages. The best one I ever heard was from a guy who was in one of the Eastern European countries. He didn’t speak the language but he did speak another from the same region (can’t remember the details now). Anyway, apparently these two languages were often mutually intelligible, so he called up someone and said “I am seeking Mrs. XYZ.” The lady on the other end of the phone replied “I don’t wish to know that” in a frigid tone and hung up. It was only later that he found out what was “I am seeking” in one language was, in the other, the coarsest way of saying “I am making love to”…

  4. Michael says:

    Woot! Congratulations. The award suits you because your blog is really stylin’.

  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    If anyone ever wondered how there came to be misunderstandings, too funny πŸ™‚

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