Inspiration As A Chemical Reaction

Today I guested over at R. A. Evans writes… and I’m really sorry but I’m simply not up for writing more than one post per day. (We’ll gloss over the fact that I wrote that one two days ago – I’m sure one shot of me per day is enough for anyone). So here’s a preview of what you can find on Rich’s site:

When asked if I would like to guest, he suggested I talk, among other things, about what inspires me. When I finally sat down to write this post a few days later I suddenly thought, what does inspire me? What is it that sets off that initial idea? It must be something powerful. It takes thousands and thousands of words to play out and does so only after building characters and worlds quite beyond our own.

I’ve read other authors’ answers to this question and I feel almost guilty for not having the same response. They listen to everyday conversations or watch people go past in the street. A well-observed moment of life – a fender bender or a child dropping its ice cream – these seem to be fodder for every writer except me. Everyone else seems to take their inspiration from things they saw. I take mine from things I’ve felt.

For the rest of the post, pop over to R. A. Evans blog and check out the rest of his site while you’re at it. The man writes CREEPY. Seriously, he must be disturbed…


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