An update

I’m hugely flattered, and amazed, to be quite honest, to find that people are still following this blog over a year after I last posted on it. I guess if you arrived here via a Google search or something you wouldn’t see the post I wrote saying I don’t post here anymore because I moved over to a selfhosted site – this one, in fact. Yes, Mhairi Simpson is me. I hate the name “Anne” so much that I decided to chop it off and make Mhairi Simpson my pen name. So there you have it.

I hope you’ll check out my (no quite so) new site and have a look around. I really appreciate you coming to the blog and following it (as several people have done over the last year). If you want to catch up-to-date stuff from me, then come on over to my new site and join in the fun! I look forward to seeing you there.

About Mhairi Simpson

Writer, dreamer. Magic, dragons, pink mice, cake. Come say hi!
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