Edits: The Hiding

Still haven’t conquered my fear of edits. Reading through the bits of this novel and I want to include this and that and pull in other characters so that the next two books I want to write in the same world all feel a bit more coherent with each other, rather than barely related. And of course barely related could work but… I don’t want to do it.


This was supposed to be a 10k short story, goddammit!

And while I’m trying (not terribly hard, if I’m honest) to edit the 50k thing it’s become, I’m also trying (not very hard either) to fight off not one but TWO screenplays. I mean, come on, guys. Gimme a break, yeah? At least with a book I can publish it. With a screenplay I can… submit it. Somewhere. And hope.

And presumably wish on a star and click my heels together three times…


And long before it even gets to that stage there’d be the running it by a couple of lovely people of my acquaintance who have experience with the format and can give me (no doubt harsh but fair) guidance on what to work on. So really, prose, PROSE, writerbrain. PROSE IS WHERE IT’S AT.

Writerbrain looks up from Scrivener: Whu?

Meanwhile it’s a beautiful day outside and I’m on day #3 of zero sugar. I’d be more impressed if writerbrain would stop acting as though I’ve been mainlining Smarties 24/7.

Maybe this is what happens when I don’t have sugar. Maybe sugar was depressing my creativity? Who knows? Either way, having un-depressed creativity isn’t so good for my productivity if I can’t make it through edits, cos no unedited thing is going to get to the outside world.

Which is precisely why I haven’t yet published a novel. Several short stories, one novella, one almost-but-not-quite novella. No novels. Because EDITS. And now writerbrain wants me to write more stories instead of editing what I already have.

Ye gods.

Where’s the fucking chocolate?

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One Response to Edits: The Hiding

  1. I think I struggle with something like this, especially in short stories. I don’t really have the confidence yet to look at a story and know that it’s ready without getting somebody else’s critique, and more often than not when I get critiqued I get excited about something that’s not so much fixing the story as loving something else which it could be… *sighs*

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