I finally found one of my favourite dance videos

It’s this tango demonstration from 2009 [opens in a new window]. I think it’s stunningly beautiful and I go back to it periodically, just to watch and enjoy. I don’t dance tango. I took one class at a dance convention a few years back and it became very clear, very quickly, that it would take me WAY longer to learn how to dance tango than it did to dance salsa. And salsa took six months of private lessons four times a week, so, you know, probably not going to be dancing tango any time soon.

But I love that video. The intimacy of dance, the melding of body and form to music never fails to hit my happyness meter. I love this one, too (this is bachata, not tango), for the same reasons (although the audience reactions make it even better) [also opens in a new window]. I miss dancing but things are starting to turn around and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure I’ll get to go dancing again in a few months’ time – it’s gonna be awesome!!!

Meanwhile I had a great chat with one of these guys yesterday. I backed Mad Robot Comics’ Kickstarters for CADAVERS and MADHOUSE and since they’re based in my town, I figured I’d go along to the (brand new and rather swishy) creative hub where they work and say hello. Needless to say, Matt was WAY more helpful than, say, the guy (who will not be named) I tweeted recently to ask if he had any advice on running successful card game Kickstarters and who responded with “Yes.”

Matt is a sweetie. And he signed my comic. YAY!!!

We talked about Bard and my hopes and fears for a Kickstarter and he was quite astonished that I already had a product, a video and a pitch but was still feeling dodgy about the whole thing. At which point he said, “I hope you don’t take this personally but it seems like a confidence issue.”

No offence taken, Matt. That’s definitely the problem.

So today I am editing (I know, right?). Don’t offer me chocolate because the chances are I’ll take your hand off at the wrist for it and I won’t even apologise – you don’t walk into the lion’s den waving steak around and expect to get out unharmed.

I think I’m getting a handle on the god-not-god issue that’s been tripping me up so here’s hoping I can actually move forward and get these puppies out the door soon.



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