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A control freak mulling the Kickstarter question (again)

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realised – I really REALLY don’t want to do a Kickstarter for this game. I’ve been fighting the idea for about two years now because everyone says, “Need money to get … Continue reading

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Twelve and a half years in survival mode, knowing you’ll never be good enough

I’m not particularly good at anything. I’m okay as a writer and I can do a number of things to a certain standard that looks good to someone who doesn’t know anything about those things, like horse-riding and drawing and … Continue reading

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Stories are powerful – let’s make one up together #BeABard

In exactly one month’s time, on Saturday 18th February, I’ll be kicking off the Be A Bard Kickstarter. I could spend all that time yelling at everyone about how storytelling in general and Be a Bard in particular is a great … Continue reading

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Looking forward is the ultimate demonstration of hopefulness

To that end, this is my yearly “All The Stuff I Want To Do This Year And Most Likely Won’t Actually Do” post, which S. J. Higbee and I make a point of doing every year around this time, in … Continue reading

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These are the consequences of abuse and lawyers who don’t care

I didn’t want to write this post. I still don’t, but I’ve been told that I should share what’s been going on over here over the last couple of years on the basis that it might help. I guess the … Continue reading

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I finally found one of my favourite dance videos

It’s this tango demonstration from 2009 [opens in a new window]. I think it’s stunningly beautiful and I go back to it periodically, just to watch and enjoy. I don’t dance tango. I took one class at a dance convention … Continue reading

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Daring greatly. Unless you’re me.

Today this beautiful comic from Zen Pencils popped up in my feed and ruined my mood for the rest of the day. Because it seems like it just doesn’t apply to publishing. Everyone’s all ‘perfection is the enemy of done’ … Continue reading

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