Hookers and Blowe

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Detective Constable Robert Blowe has put away more criminals than most of his colleagues combined, but in a world of plea bargains and witness protection, he’s starting to wonder if there’s any point. His fatigue on the job gets worse when the murder of a local drug lord has Blowe on the back-foot and searching for answers to questions that go back to his childhood—to the scene of his own father’s killing.

The murderer is no average criminal and seemingly always one step ahead. You can’t touch it, let alone cuff it, and if you see it, it’s probably after you. Blowe is the only person ever to survive an encounter with the shadowy killer. That was over thirty years ago—a distant memory.

Until now.

Blowe isn’t one to hide from a challenge, however, and with the aid of a peculiar informant and a little faith he prepares to face down his nemesis.
If he can’t stop it, no one will.